Terms & Conditions

The requirements set forth in this Purchase order shall be flowed down by Seller to Seller’s supply chain, with the notation that all supply chain notification shall pass through Seller (and not be made direct from supply chain to PASS Inc.). Supply Chain shall mean Seller’s complete network of material, equipment, information, and services integrated into products and services.

All Article(s) procured for aircraft use and installation must conform to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications and tests. An FAA Form 8130-3 or Certification of Conformance (C of C) must accompany all shipments including a statement of the condition of the article(s).

All Article(s) procured for COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT USE AND INSTALLATION on this shipment may subsequently be used on a European Union aircraft. Therefore articles are required to meet the most current regulatory requirements of the Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) between the FAA and the EASA. Only FAA/EASA Duel Release Form 8130-3 will be accepted.

All Repaired, Overhauled and/or Serviceable parts must come with an FAA/EASA Duel Release Form 8130-3 or they will be rejected. DER Repairs will not be accepted. A 12 Month warranty on all new, new-serviceable, overhauled, repaired and serviceable parts is assumed unless otherwise stated prior to purchase.

All “As Removed” or “Repairable” parts shall be guaranteed repairable or they will be returned for credit. No incident related parts will be accepted.

Parts shall not be acquired from independent distributors or brokers unless approved in advance in writing by PASS Inc.

All items purchased must be properly preserved and packaged to prevent damage during shipment. Supplier is responsible for all packages damaged during transit caused by improper or substandard packaging.

Supplier is hereby notified that the delivery of Counterfeit Parts is of special concern to PASS Inc. Supplier shall not deliver counterfeit parts to PASS Inc. under this PO. Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) furnished under this PO will be impounded by PASS Inc. and submitted to the FAA for investigation.

Material considered hazardous as defined by EPA, OSHA, DOT, or any other local, state, federal or foreign regulation; Supplier must provide a Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet, along with the United Nations Hazardous Material Code (see 49 CFR 100 et. seq.) before or with the shipment. Supplier is responsible for providing an updated or changed Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet prior to first shipment of applicable material.

All Life Limited parts and materials must have an 80% remaining shelf life or more, or they will be rejected and returned for credit.

All items and their supporting documentation procured under this PO are subject to PASS Inc. inspection and acceptance. Items found not to be in accordance with PASS Inc. Purchasing and Quality Terms & Conditions will be rejected and returned for credit.


Core components returned on exchange are subject to PASS inspection and acceptance.

Exchange Cores must be returned to the PASS Garden Grove, California facility within a 30 working day period. After the 30 day waiting period, PASS will process an invoice at the quoted Component Core Replacement Price which will be considered due and payable.

The Flat Rate Exchange fee quoted includes all labor, parts, and functional test content necessary to return the exchanged component to overhauled condition.

The customer is responsible for any unaccomplished service bulletins or dash number updates necessary to return the core component to the configuration provided on exchange.

If the exchange component requires updates, a courtesy quotation for the upgrade services will be generated by the PASS, to the Customer with the option of accepting the charges, or providing another core.

The flat rate exchange offer applies to components received as complete assemblies and in “Repairable Condition”. Components suffering catastrophic failure, extreme high-time wear, or are in different configurations and/or modification status are not covered under this exchange agreement and quotation.

On those rare occasions when exchange cores cannot be accepted under the quoted flat rate exchange fee, PASS will offer a “Return To Service (RTS) Quotation” providing the options of:
Salvaging the component, at a “Component Core Salvage Price” or,

Scrapping the component and accepting the “Component Core Replacement Price” provided in this quotation.

In the event a catastrophic failure core is returned on exchange the customer will be informed of the extent of damage and/or wear and the opportunity granted to return another acceptable core.

Core Components inspected and not accepted as suitable cores are subject to a $1,275.00 disassembly and inspection fee covering the labor and material costs necessary to disassemble and inspect the unacceptable core and process the necessary unit condition documentation.

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs of rejected cores. Rejected cores scrapped at the PASS facility are subject to a $250.00 administration fee with scrap certificates provided upon request.

PASS will accept cores serviced at other repair agencies however those cores are subject to PASS disassembly, inspection, and acceptance. All labor and part fees associated with component overhaul will apply

All items, which have been quoted, remaining at PASS longer than a year that no approval nor return disposition instructions have been received for; will be subject to a storage fee of $100 a month.

Any customer asset that has been at PASS longer than two years without any approval, disposition instructions or communication from customer regarding asset, will be considered abandoned and such item/s will become the property of PASS.